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Clean Beauty by RÓEN

Products made without harmful ingredients,
That never sacrifice on performance,
That are luxe as they are clean.
RÓEN strives to bring you non toxic cosmetics that are high performing, innovative and easy to use without compromising on ingredients. When choosing RÓEN, you choose luxe products that meet the highest clean beauty standards in the world.

Clean Glamour. 

We created RÓEN to provide high-performing, non toxic cosmetics. We’ve been disappointed too often when purchasing what we thought would replace our favorite eye or lip product, just to find that the clean makeup alternative never gave us the payoff we were hoping for until now. The RÓEN line promises to give you products that check all your boxes; high performing, luxe products made with clean, safe and non toxic ingredients.


Clean makeup means products formulated with ingredients that are vegan, gluten free, and created without harmful ingredients. We’ve partnered with cosmetic labs to develop our first of their kind formulas that meet the European Union’s standards for clean cosmetics, which are the strictest standards of clean beauty in the world. While the US bans only 11 harmful ingredients, the EU bans 1300. In an effort to provide the safest non toxic cosmetics possible, the entire ROEN line adheres to the EU clean beauty standards.


Cruelty Free

Beyond the formulas, we believe that clean beauty is conscious living which means we absolutely never test on animals and are Leaping Bunny Approved.


Mother Earth & Sustainability.

We love Mother Earth, and by doing our part to practice sustainability we do our best to minimize waste in all capacities.  Our products are packaged in a reusable and biodegradable duster bag, and all of our products are packaged in 100% recyclable cartons that are designed to be relatively small in order to reduce the amount of material utilized. Rest assured that we are constantly improving upon these practices as we continue to do our best to care for the planet.


Transparency & Social Responsibility.

Our philosophy is to be honest and transparent about our practices and ingredients. We are proud to partner with world-renowned labs who emphasize social responsibility in being part of the Responsible Mica Initiative, an effort to ensure that any mica being used is from carefully selected raw material manufacturers and 100% ethically-sourced.