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What is Mica?

Mica is a natural ingredient used in many cosmetic and personal care products, and creates a natural shimmery glow.


Why is Mica a better alternative to glitter?

Glitter contains plastic, which is cheaper to use, but harmful for you and the environment. To obtain a similar effect we use ethically sourced mica. After countless hours of research and development with our laboratory partners, we’ve created a gorgeous shimmer that will give you the ultimate RÒEN glow.


What is the debate about Mica?

Mica is considered a problematic ingredient, some estimates claim that more than 20% of the mining of mica uses child labor. As a clean beauty brand, we believe it is our responsibility to spotlight this abuse so companies can stop using mica obtained from these illegal sources. 


So, how is our Mica sourced?

When choosing the manufacturers for RÓEN it was our priority to emphasize social responsibility in addition to developing cruelty free products. This is why the mica that we source comes from carefully selected countries and manufacturers that condemn the use of child labour. RÓEN only works with the ones that have the most strict guidelines and require annual reports and certificates proving that child labour is not used and there are no unacceptable working conditions in the mining process. Our labs are part of the Responsible Mica Initiative, which does an exemplary job of helping police this. We also donate to this worthy organization.  


To learn more about the Responsible Mica Initiative please follow this link to their website. There you can read more about their mission, their approach and their principles. 


At RÓEN, we know that we can always improve and will continue to improve wherever we can.