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RÓEN strives to bring you makeup that is high performing, innovative and easy to use without compromising on ingredients. We understand you are faced with a lot of choices and we want to simplify things for you. When choosing RÓEN BEAUTY, you can be assured we are formulating products that meet the highest clean beauty standards, always.


Our founder Nikki DeRoest's take on clean beauty and why when developing RÓEN it was important to formulate with out many ingredients found in makeup today:


Everyday we are presented with a lot of options and choices.  We also have an abundance of information at our fingertips...literally.  Ingredients, and what's right and what's wrong can get overwhelming and daunting to understand.  Trust me, I am always trying to educate myself and understand every single day what ingredients are good and bad as well as the purpose they serve in products. In having all of these choices, I wanted to make one choice easy for you, and something you DON'T have to worry about or second guess.  By creating innovative products with safe and clean ingredients that don't compromise on performance and wearability, I gave you one less thing to worry about.  I myself don't live a perfect life that is measured at 100% in all aspects, but am always striving to improve and make the better choice when it is accessible to me.  In doing that choice by choice, we ALL can move towards a cleaner life, a healthier life, and one that is getting us closer to the ideal outcome.  I'm glad I can offer you RÓEN with that peace of mind.


xx Nikki DeRoest, CEO and Founder