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Who We Are.

We embarked on this journey to create a clean beauty brand that was glamorous, innovative and luxe.
And so in 2019, RÓEN was born. 


Our vision is a collaboration of glamour, artistry, and wellbeing. We create products that are clean and innovative without compromising on performance and wearability. We believe that health and beauty are not mutually exclusive- that you can in fact wear bold and striking makeup without harmful ingredients. Our proprietary formula blends are unique and unprecedented, proving that high glamour can intersect with healthy living and give you both the confidence and peace of mind you want from a makeup brand.


Our Story

RÓEN Beauty was co-founded by beauty devotee and clean beauty advocate Tiffany Thurston Scott and celebrity makeup artist Nikki DeRoest in the heart of Los Angeles. Tiffany grew up in the mountainous state of Utah, where she developed an exceptional appreciation for the magnificence of the Earth and the complexities of nature. After moving to the coast of Southern California to study for her Master's Degree, Tiffany found that beyond her love for living on the Pacific Coast, she was beginning to develop a passion for the glamour and allure that was woven into Angeleno culture she found herself to be a part of. Always enjoying testing and playing with various cosmetics, it wasn’t long until Tiffany realized that most of the iconic brands that were her favorites were formulated with harmful ingredients. As she continued to educate herself, she discovered there was a real need for luxe cosmetics that also serve those who are mindful of ingredients and ethical practices. And just like that RÓEN's vision of effortless glamour with clean ingredients was brought to life. Ms. DeRoest left the company to pursue other intrests in early 2020 and Tiffany is now CEO of the company.