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RENDEZVOUS (the perfect purple) on BLUE eyes and BROWN eyes!


Hi, Nikki here!  Recently I have gotten a lot of questions around what shades are best for what eye color.  The truth is, I formulated the shades and tones to be universally flattering for all eye colors.  The way I was able to achieve that was based on the tone and pigment load of each individual shade, and the ratio of gold/silver pearls that you'll see in our eyeshadow Lid Illumes.  By the way.... did you know that I formulated all of our eyeshadows with the highest quality pearl and reflex?  These are not glitter, and they have the most beautiful finish and shine, but are completely smooth, comfortable to wear, and easy to apply.  Ok.... so back to eye color:  I wanted to create this video with my fearless friend and Design Director Kat Bien Aime.  I like to call her Kitten for short....and she is quite the little Kitten-Kat.  Conveniently, Kat has big beautiful brown eyes, and has learned a thing or two from working so closely with me this past year, so I asked her to film the exact same makeup application as myself so that you could see the shade RENDEZVOUS on both eye colors.  First things first: I wanted to make a purple that you would actually wear.  I love purple as an eyeshadow color, and whenever I wear it, I feel so confident and get a lot of amazing compliments.  I like to say that this is the purple that you'll actually wear.....because you will.  It's got a little taupe in it, and is super flattering and makes any eyecolor pop.  You will see for yourself in these videos.  

When I created RÓEN, I imagined it to play with a lot of other makeup brands.  I like being the true artist that I am, so RÓEN is here to play with others.  I wanted to pair this look with an amazing eyeliner from Urban Decay, and I feel like the shade looks incredible with my Lid Illume, and punches up the color a bit right at the lash line.  The beauty with this look is that it's super easy to achieve, and you can create a gorgeous look in no time at all.  I hope you enjoy these videos, and how fun to see the contrast of color on two different eye tones.  xx Nikki


52º Rendezvous for blue eyes.


52º Rendezvous for brown eyes.

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