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#ROENARTIST: Zara Kaplan


This British-born makeup Artist landed in the US no less than one year ago and is already making a rather colorful splash in the LA beauty scene. We’ve been following her for a while and thought it’d be fun to invite her over to RÓEN HQ and watch her work her magic on our beloved Nikki DeRoest! Not only did we love watching her blend Nikki Dust and J’adore to get the perfect shade, but we enjoyed learning a little more about her start as an artist and what she loves most about working in beauty. Her work has been published in Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Vanity Fair Italia, InStyle, Vogue and Health Magazine.



How did you start working in the beauty industry, and then specifically make up? Well, I went to University to study sociology because that seemed like the one subject you could study without too much thought into what you wanted to do in the future. And.. I absolutely hated it! I left after 8 weeks because I was just so miserable. I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss so I was like.. should I be a personal trainer? What shall I do? Which is hilarious because I never workout and definitely could not be a personal trainer. And then one day my mom was like “why don’t you do makeup? And I was like “Oh my god! You are so right!”

Have you always loved makeup? It’s so weird because I never remember being obsessed with makeup growing up. I truly think it was fate that I fell into it. Because you know, I really did fall into it.. I started working in a store called Space NK and I vividly remember a girl arrived for her makeover and after meeting me asked if my associate could do her makeup instead. Honestly, I was so SHOOK UP from that experience, that I actually mentally quit make up right then and there. An entire year went by where I was like “nah, I don’t want to do make up”, and I think that because I didn’t put any pressure on myself that it was then when I actually became quite good at it. And once I knew that I was talented I realized I frickin' loved it.

What’s your favorite part about working in the beauty industry? It's such a fun job, and no day is the same. I am not one of those people who could go to work Monday through Friday and sit in an office. I need to be creating, whether it be working on a photoshoot, with celebrity clients, or red-carpet, whatever. It is just such an exciting industry and the coolest part is that you can’t see the top. You’re constantly growing, I just frickin’ love it.

When do you feel most creative? Honestly, when I’m surrounded by a whole team of incredible creatives. Like if there’s a photoshoot with an amazing hairstylist, photographer, stylist... everyone puts their ideas together and then magic happens.

So then is that what inspires you most? Like synched energy, or...? Honestly what makes me feel most inspired is watching people do their own makeup. I would seriously watch you put your whole face on today and be like ‘Wow, I am inspired by that”. I truly, truly just love watching everyday people do their own makeup. It inspires me, it does! It’s really crazy!

What’s your favorite beauty trend or look? Definitely just really clean skin with a pop of color. I think this will always be my favorite look because I just adore clean skin and I love bringing it to life with something, which honestly, is why I love RÓEN so much. It is such a special product that can take a really clean look to something really special.

What do you love most about working with RÓEN? The products are incredibly hydrating as far as a shimmer eyeshadow goes. The way they go on the eye and the way the shimmer disperses itself on the lid is beyond stunning. I have done so many shoots where I’ll do a super clean look and then will have to bump it up, so I’ll literally just pop the RÓEN shade on my finger and call it a day. You can literally do it in thirty seconds.


RÓEN BEAUTY: 75° Warm Palette
Chanel: Sublimage L’essance Lumière
Chanel: Hydra Beauty Lip Balm
Armani: Luminous Silk Foundation
Chantecaille: Le Camouflage Stylo Concealer 
Heir Atelier: Eye Primer
Westman Atelier: Face Trace Contour Stick (biscuit)
Jillian Dempsey: Cheek Tint (sunny)
Makeup forever: Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof (matte dark brown)
Glossier: Mascara
Chanel: Joues Contraste Powder Blush (quintessence)
Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Wiz (medium brown)
The Brow Gal: The Gel (clear)
Hourglass: Veil Powder
Westman Atelier: Lit Up Highlight Stick
Le Rouje de Paris: Les 4 Rouje


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