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#ROENMUSE: Kirsty Godso

by TEAM RÓEN |  | 1 comment

I'd like to introduce you to the beautiful, energetic, and SPICY Kirsty Godso.  We met years ago when I was doing makeup for a NIKE shoot (she happens to be at the top of the fitness industry but meanwhile THIS beautiful), and it was love at first sight for us.  It's been a fun journey and special friendship for the two of us, as we have grown together in our respective fields, and have plugged away at our passions.  While I was working to create RÓEN, Kirsty was working on launching her first product and brand in the fitness industry, MADE-OF Protein.  Kirsty is an expert in her field, and someone to trust when it comes to nutrition, wellness, and listening to your body.  She also is a major motivator and focuses a lot on total health and wellness, so exercising your mind, your heart, and your power outside of what you do in the gym.  She has numerous inspiring podcasts, teaches around the world, and has an incredibly inspiring Instagram.  Not only are her images GOALS, but her captions are just what you need to hear.  Watch this video to see the real weirdos that Kirsty and I are.....but beyond that, I put Kirsty to the test to use eyeshadow for the first time (and on her own).  It was incredible to watch how easy it was for her to do, but how just a little touch of Nikki Dust could change everything.  Kirsty is the perfect example of a woman I created RÓEN want to look good, you want to feel good, but you want it to be easy and attainable.  That's exactly what happened in this video.  It's fun to see now, as Kirsty will message me photos and videos of her in RÓEN (Nikki Dust is her favorite shade), and she always tells me how much more confident she feels with it on.  That is everything to me, and why it was important for me to create this line: to make women feel beautiful, empowered, and ready to take on the world with the incredible things they are doing (with a little more shine).  If you don't know Kirsty or MADE-OF, you need to check it out immediately, and I hope you enjoy our cooking show?  dance party?  infomercial?  love fest?  xx
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Comments (1)

  • Jasmine on March 30, 2019

    Hi Nikki,
    You have no idea how excited I am about getting this product as I am 46yrs young😂 and have never known how to do makeup except applying foundation/ concealer on the under eye , blush and lipstick.
    I’ve been wanting to learn to donmy own makeup and now have decided to only learn it from the best, you!
    Please let mw know if there is a full makeup ( natural no-makeup ) glow look would be best also using roen beauty ( which i am trying to figure out how to get them sincw i live in Thailand) .
    I’ve been following you on IG for years watching your hair tutorials, cutting your own bangs etc etc.
    Wish you all the support from the universe.
    Love and light

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