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#ROENMUSE: Ashley Glasson "Obviously"

by TEAM RÓEN |  | 1 comment

RÓEN MUSE Ashley Glasson, is a long time friend of our Founder Nikki DeRoest.  While Nikki was creating the Lid Illume formula, she had a very small circle of her closest friends (who were her muses in creating RÓEN) test her formulas.  Ashley was a RÓEN fan from first try, and has literally been wearing her lab sample of Obviously every day since.  Nikki named the shade after Ashley, because it was the obvious choice: if you know Ashley, you know.  On that note, no one could be a better test than Ashley, because she is a major beauty guru herself, and also tells it how it is.  Nikki knew if she got the stamp of approval and excitement out of Ashley, she was on to something great.  Obviously was the first shade ever created in the line-up of shades, and Nikki couldn't be prouder to have Ashley apart of it all.

Comments (1)

  • ASHLEY on March 12, 2019

    OBVIOUSLY I LOVE THIS. Buying my first make up brush right now (

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